It is the one place in the world where the waters are still pristine and rich with the bounty of five species of natural, wild salmon. The cold, rushing rivers, clear lakes, and frigid North Pacific provide the high levels of oxygen needed to sustain these active and aggressive predators.

Mystique surrounds the salmon - as a legendary sports fish, as a revered source of food and wealth, and as an icon of many indigenous peoples or native tribes. It is a fish that has been used for centuries as both an important food source and as a form of currency or trade. Spawned in freshwater streams and lakes, they migrate to the ocean where they mature, then faithfully expend the last energy of their lifecycle in order to return to the waters of their birth to spawn the next generation. The rigors of swimming through thousands of miles of icy ocean waters as well as a natural diet of krill, shrimp and other small fish gives our salmon their unique flavor, color and superior texture.

While wild salmon stocks have declined in other parts of the world, stringent management programs have resulted in Alaska’s wild salmon remaining strong. In 2000 the first U.S. fishery – and the world’s largest fishery – to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as well-managed and sustainable was the Alaska salmon fishery.

Below is a sampling of the wild salmon products we offer:

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